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Hygiene Hand Sanitizer
Hands are the main pathways of germ transmission during health care. Hand hygiene is, therefore, the most important measure to avoid the transmission of harmful germs and prevet health care- associated infections. As one of the best sanitizing equipment suppliers in China, we produce various hand sanitiser products.
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Environment and Surfaces Disinfectant
Lionser is a professional surface sanitizer manufacturer. Our hygiene experts offer fully-servived hygiene solutions, giving you peace of mind that you can keep your emloyees and customers safe.
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Lionser Medical Disinfectant Application
LIONSER as a sanitiser manufacturer and a disinfectant supplier in China is committed to bringing our customers essential disinfectant products such as disinfectant cleaning and disinfectant spray for solution to help keep themselves and their loved one's safe, sanitized, and secure from the comfort of their own homes. With LIONSER surface sanitizer supplier, you can have peace of mind in knowing that you're well equipped with sanitization as solutions to handle day-to-day life in these uncertain times.
Healthcare Cleaning Solutions
Health Care
The WHO guidelines on hand hygiene in healthcare (2009) suggest that hand hygiene is the single most important measure for prevention of infection. The application of disinfectant for hands is important.
Disinfectant Spray for Office
To create a healthy, productive work environment. Hand sanitizer and surface disinfectant solution to clean hands and disinfect object surfaces in time at public places can help reduce the likeliness of infection effectively and lessen the community...
Hospital Cleaning Solutions
With more than 20 years of professional experiences in medical disinfection, LIONSER has supplied hand sanitizers and disinfectant solutions to over 80% grade-A hospitals of second-class in China for years at a suitable price.
Home Sanitizer Solutions
Household cleaning and disinfection should be strengthened with hand rub and sanitizing solution to reduce the spread of viruses and bacteria, not only during the epidemic prevention and control period, but in normal times.
Germ Control Solutions
The rapid outbreak of the Novel Corona virus (COVID-19) has brought the world unprecedented challenges, both in our lives, homes and workplaces. What matters most to us is to practice healthy habits like use sanitiser solution to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.
About Lionser Disinfectant Manufacturer
Established in 1992, Lionser Medical Disinfectant Co., Ltd is a professional disinfectant company and a surface sanitizer manufacturer in China with 30 years of experience which specializes in the research, development, sales, and service of hand hygiene products and skin care sanitizer products for the health care industry and consumer use. Currently, our disinfectant factory has obtained certificates of CE, ISO9001, ISO13485, and cGMP. Moreover, the sanitizer factory has passed FDA audited with Sedex and FCCA. As one of the disinfectant suppliers, our trusted sanitizer made in china is sold all over the world and has received high praise from many customers. If you are looking for a sanitizer dealer with great ablity of manufacturing sanitizer, Lionser disinfection products manufacturers could be your best choice.
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Lionser Fully Protects The Supply Of Epidemic Prevention Materials In Hong Kong
Mar 28 2022
Lionser Fully Protects The Supply Of Epidemic Prevention Materials In Hong Kong
The epidemic in Hong Kong is touching people's hearts! The first batch of disinfection supplies for Hong Kong have arrived on March 11, helping to build a barrier against the epidemic in Hong Kong...
Congratulate Lionser on Winning the Bidding of Beijing Winter Olympics
Jan 05 2022
Congratulate Lionser on Winning the Bidding of Beijing Winter Olympics
Congratulate Lionser on winning the bidding of Projects for the procurement of sanitary and epidemic prevention supplies in Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter and Paralympic Games! Lionser has supplied 950,0...
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