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Composition and Efficacy of Hand Sanitizer

1. Decontamination ingredients of the hand sanitizer

Decontamination ingredients can help decontamination and provide abundant foam, mainly including anionic surfactants and a small amount of nonionic and zwitterionic surfactants. Anionic surfactants include soap, sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium α-alkenyl sulfonate, fatty alcohol polyoxyethylene ether sulfate, α-sulfo fatty acid ester, lauroyl sarcosinate and disodium monooleic amide sulfosuccinate and so on. Non-ionic surfactants are generally seldom used in hand sanitizers, but a small amount of addition can enhance the decontamination effect and improve the stability of the foam, such as coconut diethanolamide, where the addition of alkyl glycosides can reduce the irritation of surfactant on skin. The addition of a small amount of zwitterions is conducive to foaming and lasting of foam, such as betaine and amine oxide.

2. Care ingredients of the hand sanitizer

When washing hands, you need a gentle liquid sanitizer 500ml, due to the degreasing effect of surfactants, the skin feels dry after hand washing. Therefore, some fat-rich agents and emollients should be added to supplement skin oil to prevent dry and rough skin, such as various natural and synthetic lanolin, glycerin, propylene glycol, sorbitol, lactate, sodium pyrrolidone carboxylate, etc.

3. Bactericidal ingredients of the hand sanitizer

Hands are always in contact with the outside world, and they will be contaminated with various bacteria and even fungi. Therefore, the bactericidal ingredients must have a broad spectrum, such as chlorinated xylenol and Chinese herbal extracts. In order to improve the bactericidal efficiency of the bactericide, it is also necessary to add an auxiliary agent in the hand sanitizer with 75 alcohol that increases the penetration force to promote the penetration of the bactericidal ingredients into the bacterial wall so as to achieve rapid sterilization, and enhance the sterilization efficiency.

4. Sensory adjustment ingredients of the hand sanitizer

In order to allow consumers to prefer and accept hand sanitizers, to give hand sanitizers a special effect and appearance, dyes or pearling agents are added. For the convenience of access, thickener is added to get a suitable viscosity. In order to have a relaxing and pleasant feeling in the process of washing hands, appropriate amount of fragrance is added.

5. Natural ingredients of the hand sanitizer

With the improvement of people's awareness of safety and environmental protection, green natural products are more admired. Therefore, adding natural raw materials to the formula of hand sanitizer is the choice of many sanify hand sanitizer brands. These natural additives play a role in reducing irritation, moisturizing the skin, suppressing and killing bacteria, and providing natural aroma and color, such as various plants, Chinese herbal medicines, fruit extracts, and so on.

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