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Lionser Medical Disinfectant Application

LIONSER provides various disinfectant applications which is committed to bringing our customers essential disinfectant products such as disinfectant cleaning and disinfectant spray for surface disinfectant solution to help keep themselves and their loved one's safe, sanitized, and secure from the comfort of their own homes. With LIONSER medical disinfectant, you can have peace of mind in knowing that you're well equipped with sanitization as application of disinfectant to handle day-to-day life in these uncertain times.

  • Healthcare Cleaning Solutions
    Health Care
    The WHO guidelines on hand hygiene in healthcare (2009) suggest that hand hygiene is the single most important measure for prevention of infection. The application of disinfectant for hands is important.
  • Disinfectant Spray for Office
    To create a healthy, productive work environment. Hand sanitizer and surface disinfectant solution to clean hands and disinfect object surfaces in time at public places can help reduce the likeliness of infection effectively and lessen the community...
  • Hospital Cleaning Solutions
    With more than 20 years of professional experiences in medical disinfection, LIONSER has supplied hand sanitizers and disinfectant solutions to over 80% grade-A hospitals of second-class in China for years at a suitable price.
  • Home Sanitizer Solutions
    Household cleaning and disinfection should be strengthened with hand rub and sanitizing solution to reduce the spread of viruses and bacteria, not only during the epidemic prevention and control period, but in normal times.
  • Germ Control Solutions
    The rapid outbreak of the Novel Corona virus (COVID-19) has brought the world unprecedented challenges, both in our lives, homes and workplaces. What matters most to us is to practice healthy habits like use sanitiser solution to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Surface Disinfectant Solution with Efficacy

LIONSER long-acting surface disinfectant solution is an emerging method to protect homes, jobs, cars or any surface. Our disinfectant cleaning solution could be used against SARS-CoV-2 that causes COVID-19 which has been used in wild applications of disinfectant in China already. Use the most durable and efficient disinfectants and surface disinfectants to prevent bacteria from growing on the surface you touch every day! Contact us for disinfectant solution price!

Broad-Spectrum Surface Disinfectant Solution

Kill 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, fungi and molds

Sterilization, virus killing, tuberculosis and fungi killing

Disinfection, cleaning and deodorization are completed in one step

Kill, eliminate and eliminate household bacteria

Suitable for various surface disinfectant solutions

Disinfectant Cleaning Solution for Different Surfaces

Soft surface disinfectant solution

Our surface disinfectant solution are suitable for soft surfaces such as carpets, carpets and curtains. Soft surfaces, in fact, are not as easy to spread bacteria as hard surfaces. In addition to regular cleaning, the use of sanitiser solution products with soft surface disinfection function will help kill many pathogens that make these surfaces their homes.

Hard surface disinfectant solution

Our surface disinfectant solution products can quickly remove bacteria, viruses and fungi on the hard surface, including sars-cov-2, multi drug resistant microorganisms (CRE, MRSA, VRE), human coronavirus, norovirus, hepatitis B and C, Listeria, Escherichia coli and Salmonella. The killing time can be up to 30 seconds.

Laundry sanitiser solution

Due to the prevalence of coronavirus disease in 2019, consumers pay more and more attention to laundry application of disinfectant. LIONSER disinfectant cleaning solution can be used in most washable fabrics, including baby clothes, sportswear, underwear, towels, bedding and exquisite products.

Electronics surface disinfectant solution

Generally speaking, LIONSER surface disinfectant solution recommends using disinfectant wipes to disinfect electronic products. If you want to thoroughly disinfect without using disinfectant wipes, you can mix 70% alcohol and 30% water sanitiser solution into the spray bottle with disposable microfiber cloth.

Food surface disinfectant solution

Keeping any area clean and free of pathogenic bacteria is particularly important in food service operations and other food service enterprises. Through LIONSER food surface disinfectant solution, you can help maintain the safety of food service operations and reduce the risk of illness.

Disinfection Solution for Body

Hand Sanitizer Solution

LIONSER hand sanitizer solution is suitable for both medical and general public use with various of hand sanitizer products wholesale. Alcohol hand sanitizer is widely used as a substitute for disinfectant soap. Compared with antibacterial soap, alcoholic hand sanitizer solution has better skin tolerance and effective microbial properties. We also provide alcohol-free disinfectant cleaning solution, which also has efficient hand disinfection function.

Decontamination of Blood or Body Fluid Spills

If the surfaces are contaminated with blood or body fluid spills, special attention must be paid to cleaning these items and surfaces. Disinfectant cleaning solution should be carried out as soon as possible. Failure to properly clean contaminated areas or items may cause the virus to spread rapidly. LIONSER provides such blood disinfectant cleaning solution product especially for hospital or other applications at a good disinfectant solution price.

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