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Disinfectant Spray for Office

To create a healthy, productive work environment

Disinfectant Spray for Office

Cleaning hands and disinfecting object surfaces in time with hand spray sanitizer for office and businesses use at public places can help reduce the likeliness of infection effectively and lessen the community spread of germs, viruses, etc. LIONSER disinfectant supplier offers a variety of sanitizing and disinfecting products such as alcohol wipes for computer and disinfectant spray for computer keyboards, which are proven to be effective against major germs and bacterium in daily life, thus, to help safeguard our surrounding environments and reduce the risk of contamination.

How we can sanitize our office?

1. Use one-way wipe

Wipe the surface in one direction, not in the opposite direction, as it will deposit newly cleaned bacteria. Regularly wipe all frequently contacted surfaces, such as using alcohol wipes for computers, workstations, countertops and door handles.

2. Classification of rags

Use color marked rags for specific spaces so that cleaners and custodians do not cross contaminate - do not confuse kitchen cloths with toilets

3. Technical disinfection

Don't forget to wipe high hardness surfaces on employees' desks, such as using alcohol wipes for computer keyboards and mobile phones.

4. Vigorously promote hand washing

From the kitchen to the bathroom, post hand washing and drying signs throughout the office to remind employees to clean their hands with hand sanitizer for office use or warm water and soap containing at least 60% to 95% alcohol for at least 20 seconds. Dry your hands thoroughly because bacteria spread with water.

Benefits of Hand Sanitizer for Office Use

Medical claims decreased.

More than 40% of employees said they would regularly clean the workplace to further prevent diseases.

Most of employees listed hand sanitizer for businesses as one of the two necessities in the workplace.

On average, employees use hand sanitizer for office use 1-3 times a day, soap and water 2-4 times a day, and disinfectant 1-1.5 times a week.

Electronics sanitizer spray for office

General disinfectant for office 

Unplug all external power supplies and cables.

Do not use disinfectant spray for office directly on objects.

Use a lint free cloth, such as a screen wiping cloth or a cloth made of microfiber.

To prevent damage, avoid excessive wiping and immersing items in detergent.

Do not disinfect computer and electronic products with disinfectant spray for office, bleach and abrasive cleaner. Use alcohol wipes for computer and keyboards.

Make sure that moisture does not enter any openings.

Covid-19 disinfectant for office 

Spray a small amount of sanitizer spray for office on a soft cloth and wipe the surface.

Gently and carefully wipe the hard non porous surface of the electronic product. This includes the display, keyboard, mouse and the outer surface of the object.

If you have questions about the disinfectant office cleaning products used, please refer to the manufacturer's recommendations and warning labels.

You can also consult the manufacturer of electronic equipment for a list of disinfectants that can be safely used in their products. Links to apple and Samsung guides are provided in the list of references below.

If available, you can also use alcohol wipes for computer that contains alcohol.

When wiping with disinfectant, be sure to follow the contact time on the label. Multiple wipes may be required to keep the surface moist for the recommended contact time.

Disinfectant for Office Related Space

Outdoor Areas

Due to airflow and exposure to air, the risk in outdoor areas is less than that in indoor areas, including the cleaning and maintenance of bus stops, railway stations, parks, roads, etc. Disinfecting office space shall be carried out on surfaces that are frequently touched oir contaminated.

Public Toilets

Sanitary workers must use separate toilet cleaning equipment such as mop and nylon for separate scrubbers and sinks. They should always wear disposable clothes. Wearing protective gloves when cleaning the toilet is also important. Provide high-quality hand sanitizer for businesses in the toilets for employees. 

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