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Healthcare Cleaning Solutions

The WHO guidelines on hand hygiene in healthcare (2009) suggest that hand hygiene is the single most important healthcare cleaning solution for prevention of infection. Hands can become contaminated with infectious agents through contact with a patient, patient surroundings, the environment, or other healthcare workers. 

Hand healthcare cleaning products such as alcohol free antibacterial hand gel can remove dust, organic material and transient microorganisms from the skin and reduce the risk of cross-contamination. 

Healthcare Cleaning Solutions

Evidence suggests that the hands of the healthcare workers are the most common vehicle for the transmission of healthcare-associated pathogens from patient to patient and within the healthcare environment. LIONSER disinfectant manufacturer offers quality infection prevention products and healthcare cleaning as solutions to help increase compliance, improve back office efficiencies and enhance quality patient care.

Healthcare Cleaning Products

Why is cleanliness important in healthcare?

Healthcare cleaning solution is essential for every medical environment, because its task is to protect the health of millions of people every day. Part of maintaining the health of patients is to protect them from bacteria that may be present in the facilities that provide medical services. Regular cleaning is important for most enterprises, but it is absolutely necessary for any healthcare environment, whether it is a small doctor's office or a large hospital.

Working with professional healthcare cleaning products suppliers focused on meeting environmental cleaning standards for medical facilities such as LIONSER can bring many benefits to employees and patients.

Ideal Properties of Healthcare Cleaning Products

All healthcare cleaning products used to clean the healthcare environment:

Non toxic: it should not stimulate the skin or mucous membrane of users, visitors and patients. Under the same conditions, select healthcare cleaning products with the lowest toxicity level.

Easy to use: the preparation and use instructions should be simple and include information about PPE as needed.

Acceptable smell: there should be no unpleasant smell for users and patients.

Solubility: easily soluble in water (warm water and cold water).

Economy / low cost: the price of healthcare cleaning solutions should be reasonable.

Main Methods of Healthcare Cleaning Solutions

Air purification

Air purification plays a vital role in helping medical facilities operate more safely.

Disinfectant spray

Every healthcare institution should have disinfectant spray. They are the best healthcare cleaning products to use disinfectants on a large area, especially in areas where there is no contact with sterile wipes.

Surface disinfection wipes

Disinfectant wipes are more popular than ever because they allow workers to get cleaning items into their hands quickly and easily.

Hand sanitizer

At present, the use of hand sanitizer has reached the highest level in history. It is wise to install touch free dispensers in close proximity.

Enhanced Healthcare Cleaning Solutions

In the event of an outbreak of Covid-19 or an abnormal increase in specific bacteria, it is strongly recommended to wash with healthcare cleaning products twice a day. This requires disinfection of the healthcare cleaning solutions, including areas of frequent contact, such as door handles, bed tables, bed railings, chair handrails, telephone bells and push plates, as well as any areas that may be contaminated. With the outbreak of fatal diseases in medical institutions, some areas need to be cleaned and disinfected more frequently, such as sanitary areas during the transmission of gastrointestinal infections.

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