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Hospital Cleaning Solutions

With more than 20 years of professional experiences in medical disinfection of hospital cleaning solutions, LIONSER has supplied hand sanitizers and disinfectants to over 80% grade-A hospitals of second-class in China for years. 

Almost one thousand grade-A hospitals of third class has chose our hand washing products used in hospital. LIONSER, thus, enjoys a high reputation of disinfection solution in hospital market.

Hospital Cleaning Solutions

Effective Hospital Surface Disinfectant Solutions

Lionser hospital surface disinfectant solution can be sprayed on the surface and then dried without any necessary cleaning. This hospital disinfectant spray removes harmful pathogens from hard, nonporous surfaces. We recognize that nothing is more important to medical institutions than cleanliness and hygiene. This is why Lionser team combines research with high technology to develop the latest and most powerful disinfection solution in hospital on the market. Our hospital cleaning solutions are widely used in hospitals and other medical industries and institutions which helps our customers solve the most serious cleaning challenges and improve the hospital surface disinfectant procedures by enabling them to achieve the specified cleaning level.

Hospital Disinfectant Solutions for Different Areas

Ready to use disinfection solution in hospital

We offer a range of cost-effective ready to use cleaners and disinfectants for the treatment of larger surfaces and medical equipment.

Patient rooms disinfection solution in hospital

Your patients rely on you to provide a clean and safe environment. Environmental sanitation and the cleaning and disinfection procedures of hospital wards can provide consistent cleaning results.

Floor disinfectant solution used in hospital

Demonstrate your commitment to care through an efficient and easy-to-use Lionser flooring disinfection solution in hospital.

Core Chemical Composition of Hospital Disinfectant Solutions

Choosing the right hospital cleaning solutions for ward hygiene can be a complex process. You need to consider the advantages and disadvantages of each detergent. Strict disinfection can reduce the risk of medical-related infection (HAI). At present, the disinfection solutions in hospital mainly include five EPA registered chemicals: quaternary ammonium, hypochlorite, accelerated hydrogen peroxide, phenols and peracetic acid. It's essential to carefully consider the right hospital cleaning solutions. Staffs should work together to select the appropriate disinfection solution in hospital for each work.

Hospital Cleaning Solutions Guidelines

1. Take preventive measures with professional hospital disinfectant solution

2. Use high-quality hospital disinfectant spray

3. If in doubt, over clean with hospital surface disinfectant

4. Pay attention to details

5. Remember the criteria for blood borne pathogens

6. Use clean equipment

7. Use checklist

8. Properly handle sharp objects

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