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How to Disinfect a Room with 75% Alcohol Disinfectant?

75% alcohol disinfectant can effectively help us prevent virus infection and spread, but few people know how such a high concentration of alcohol disinfectant should be used to properly disinfect our rooms.

Because once you spray a large amount of alcohol disinfectant, and if the alcohol disinfectant is used improperly, it will easily cause a fire when encountering open flames or objects with static electricity and high temperature. Let's take a look at how to use alcohol disinfectant for room sanitiser solution

1. It is very important to prepare the 75% alcohol disinfectant before use

Before disinfecting the room with 75% alcohol disinfectant, we must close all the windows of the room, and put all the food and other objects in the mouth into the cabinet to prevent them from having a direct contact with the alcohol disinfectant. 

In addition, it is necessary to ensure that all high-temperature objects in the room are powered off and removed from the room to ensure that there is no static electricity or open flames and high-temperature objects in the room.

2. Do not forget to spray 75% alcohol disinfectant correctly

After completing a series of preparations, we will officially enter the disinfection process. We can pour the alcohol surface guard disinfectant into the watering can, and then spray it on the room. We must pay attention to the stove and some places that are prone to open flames, do not spray.

And when spraying alcohol disinfectant, you should also wear a raincoat or protective clothing on your body. Do not let alcohol household disinfectant fall on us, otherwise it will easily burn.

Or you can pour the 75% alcohol disinfectant directly on the rag, and use the rag to wipe all the surfaces in our room. When everything is done, seal the room for an hour or so before opening the windows for ventilation.

When disinfecting with 75% alcohol disinfectant, you must pay special attention, because you are afraid of contact with open flames or static electricity.

If there is this alcohol sanitizer at home, put it in a bottle and spray it gently on our computer, on the doorknob at home, the trash can cutting board or the light switch, all we may spray the surface of the thing that comes into contact with it, and then wipe it with a rag.

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