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Lionser Fully Guarantees the Supply of Anti-epidemic Materials in Hong Kong


Acceptance unit: Logistics Service Department of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

Supplier: Lionser Medical Disinfectant Co., Ltd

Product list: 500ML Baineng Hand Sanitizer Type II

Quantity: 4800 cases/115200 bottles

Date of receipt: March 11, 2022

All Lionser staff "accelerate" to help Hong Kong fight the epidemic

Hong Kong's epidemic affects people's hearts! The first wave of anti-epidemic materials from Lionser Medical to support Hong Kong arrived in Hong Kong on March 11. At a critical moment in Hong Kong's fight against the epidemic, it helped the whole of Hong Kong to build an anti-epidemic barrier!

Since the beginning of March, in Jiande, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, the factory workshop of the Lionser disinfection production base has been busy. All employees are working at full capacity, and every second counts, and are making every effort to speed up the production of disinfection materials. After receiving the production scheduling task of related materials, Lionser Medical immediately activated the emergency mechanism. From the company headquarters to the production scheduling, production workshop and quality inspection department, all staff were activated, and full production capacity was activated to ensure the fastest production, fastest inspection, and the fastest delivery, under the premise of not reducing the process and ensuring the quality, we strive for time, speed, and production. At the same time, the company also closely contacted functional departments such as customs and market supervision, and jointly shouldered the heavy burden of anti-epidemic and supply guarantees to ensure that production capacity factors and circulation links did not affect the demand for the war and the epidemic, and timely dispatched materials for the anti-epidemic war in Hong Kong.

Finally, with the "acceleration" of all staff and the full support of all parties to fight the epidemic, the first batch of anti-epidemic products disinfected by Lonzo was successfully dispatched from the Jiande factory overnight on the evening of March 3, and successfully arrived on March 11. Lionser contributed to Hong Kong's victory over the epidemic and helped local citizens build a barrier against the epidemic!

In order to fully guarantee the production of anti-epidemic materials for Hong Kong, Lionser Medical has decided to concentrate its efforts, mobilize all staff, schedule all production workshops and production lines, race against time, and continue to expand production capacity. The background, the actual combat tempering of epidemic prevention and control, the talent team, production testing and inspection and rapid feedback capabilities have been continuously improved, and with the full support of all parties, the production and transportation of anti-epidemic materials to Hong Kong was originally scheduled to be completed on March 30. The speed of production will finally be expected to be fully shipped in mid-March, a full 16 days earlier than the originally determined time!

Lionser will mobilize the strength of all staff to help ensure the supply of anti-epidemic and anti-epidemic materials, and work together with Hong Kong compatriots to face challenges and overcome difficulties together.

Lionser assists Hong Kong and fights the epidemic together! We wish Hong Kong an early victory over the epidemic!






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