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Moisture Time and Formulation of Surface Disinfectants

1. The advantages of the compound formula of surface sanitizer

Usually, most surface sanitizers used in the environment belong to water-soluble solutions, such as quaternary ammonium salts, sodium hypochlorite, peracetic acid and modified hydrogen peroxide, etc. The moisturizing time after application can be maintained at about 2min, or even up to 5min.

Alcohol surface sanitizers may evaporate faster. For this reason, some manufacturers adopt compound formulas, such as compounding with quaternary ammonium salts, or adding surfactants, which not only prolongs the moisturizing time, but also does not affect the sterilization time.

2. Advantages of surface sanitizer retention effect

Disinfection usually ceases as the disinfecting solution on the surface dries up. For this reason, some disinfection guidelines recommend the use of quaternary ammonium salt disinfectants. In addition to the environmental friendliness of such disinfectants, another consideration is that such surface sanitizers have a retention effect, even for more than 24 hours. The retention of surface sanitizers can resist the recontamination of pathogenic microorganisms.

It can be seen that a simple concept of moisturizing time involves the action time of the surface sanitizer, whether the solution contains the concentration of effectively killing microorganisms, the residual disinfection effect, and the interference ability of the solution against organic substances and other substances.

3. The effect of surfactants on surface sanitizers

In order to change the traditional surface disinfection performance, many companies have added surfactants to the product formula, which greatly improves the cleaning effect of surface sanitizers, and also ensures the uniformity of the surface solution during application, preventing the solution from appearing on the surface. The phenomenon of "water droplets" is formed, avoiding blind spots of disinfection, and effectively improving the overall quality of disinfection.

Usually, health care institutions choose disinfection products based on the fast and effective disinfection products, wide sterilization spectrum, low price, convenient use, and toxicity to personnel. However, in actual selection, attention should be paid to various It is not only necessary to understand the structural characteristics of pathogens and the characteristics of surfaces disinfectants, but also to know the influencing factors when selecting disinfectants for different purposes.

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