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Lionser Surface Cleaning & Disinfection Wipes Model B

Alcohol Free Surface Wipes
Alcohol Free Surface Wipes
Non Alcohol Disinfectant Wipes

Lionser Surface Cleaning & Desinfection Wipes(Model B) is a kind of disposable medical non alcohol disinfectant wipes, with colorless, tasteless, non-toxic, no corrosion and low stimulation. This kind of surface cleaning & desinfection wipes' ready-to-use feature brings great convenience to users.

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Specifications of Lionser Disinfectant Wipes without Alcohol

Active ingredientNon-woven fabric soaked with Gelica Quaternary Ammonium Salt Disinfectant. The compound quaternary ammonium salt content (w/v) of soaking liquid is 0.18% - 0.22%.
Inactive ingredientsWater
Dosage FormWipes
Category of MicroorganismsBroad bactericidal spectrum covering intestinal pathogenic bacteria, pyogenic cocci, pathogenic yeasts and common bacteria of nosocomial infection
Scope of Application

The alcohol free surface wipes produced by Lionser are applicable to the wiping disinfection of the surfaces of medical equipment, medical supplies and other articles (including newborn incubator, respirator, monitor, hemodialysis machine, shadowless lamp, operating bed, dental unit, B ultrasonic probe, stethoscope, bed unit and other non-critical items).


1. Open the outer cover of non alcoholic antibacterial wipes, uncover the OPEN sticker, and take out a piece of disinfection towelette (it is recommended to restore the sticker to its original position and close the outer cover if it's not used continuously).

2. Spread the non alcohol sanitizing wipes, and wipe the whole surface from one side of the object surface so that the disinfectant takes effect for 2 minutes to finish the disinfection.

3. Put the used non alcohol based disinfectant wipes into a medical waste collection bag.

4. The non alcoholic disinfectant wipes are valid for 60 days after opening.

Validity24 months
Other information

Benefits of Using Alcohol Free Surface Wipes

Alcohol free surface wipes are equally effective against bacteria and bacteria, and do not contain irritating chemicals such as alcohol. They can help keep your hands free of bacteria that can cause stomach flu, colds and infections in a simple step. 

Non alcohol antibacterial wipes can save your skin which are also safe for sensitive skin. Alcohol contains ingredients that dry the skin, because alcohol will not only evaporate the skin itself, but also take away important oil and moisture. Non alcoholic antibacterial wipes won't dry your skin because you don't use alcohol. You can use non alcohol sanitizing wipes not only on your hands, but also on any surface you want to quickly clean and disinfect, such as door handles, handles, and even children's toys. Moreover, they are almost as cheap as their alcoholic competitors.

You can use these safety non alcohol based disinfectant wipes without worrying about what chemicals. Your children, pets or others will also be exposed to use Lionser surface cleaning & desinfection wipes.

Lionser Alcohol Free Surface Wipes Usage Notice

  • The disinfectant wipes without alcohol produced by Lionser disinfectant factory are for external use and must not be taken orally. Keep it out of children's reach.

  • In case of obvious spots and blood stains on the surface of the object, use a piece of non alcohol cleaning wipes to remove the dirt, and then take a piece of non alcoholic disinfectant wipes to wipe for disinfection. In case of a large amount of dirt, it is recommended to use appropriate surface disinfectant sanitizer for wiping disinfection.

  • The recommended wiping area for each disinfection towelette is 1㎡ - 2㎡ .

  • Follow the principle of One Towelette for One Object to avoid cross contamination.

  • Avoid contact non alcohol antibacterial wipes with eyes, and immediately flush eye(s) with plenty of water in case of contact with eyes.

  • After wiping and disinfecting the surfaces of infant toys, clean the toys with fresh water before use.

  • Keep sanitizing wipes without alcohol away from light and store it in a cool and dry place.

Video of Surface Cleaning & Desinfection Wipes

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FAQ about Lionser Disinfectant Wipes without Alcohol

  • ​What should we pay attention to when choosing disinfecting wipes?
    A :
    • Sterilization spectrum should be targeted. If these kinds of disinfectant are tested to kill Staphylococcus aureus, it only means that the product is effective against Staphylococcus aureus, but not against all gram-positive bacteria including Staphylococcus aureus.

    • Humidity can reach 0.6g/cm2. This means that the wipes can sterilize a relatively large area.

    • Good material. The material should not only feel comfortable but more importantly, there is no obstacle in the release of the disinfection factor. If the material is not selected well, in the process of wiping, it is easy to leave only water rather than disinfection factor.

    Disinfecting wipes have been used for more than 10 years in European Union, North America and other developed countries, and the effect has been affirmed. Instead of traditional disinfection method, disinfecting wipes will become the main trend of environmental surface cleaning and disinfection.

  • Are Alcohol Free Wipes Antibacterial?
    A :

    You may want to know the advantages of using non alcoholic antibacterial wipes over alcoholic wipes. Surface cleaning & desinfection wipes are a great way to clean hands and are an ideal choice for hospitals. These disinfectant wipes non alcohol can kill 99.99% of bacteria. Instead of alcohol, the active ingredient compound quaternary ammonium salt in Lionser disinfectant wipes without alcohol plays a role in sterilization.

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