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This Enterprise Producing Epidemic Prevention and Disinfection Materials Has Been Racing Against Time

While the prevention and control site for the Winter Paralympics has not been completely withdrawn, it is running at full speed, racing against the clock to produce and dispatch anti-epidemic materials for the war epidemic in Hong Kong. This company has always regarded "life and health" as its own responsibility fight.

The severe situation of the fifth wave of the new crown epidemic in Hong Kong has affected the hearts of more Chinese people. At the critical moment, the central government responded to the urgent needs of Hong Kong compatriots, deployed medical staff in a timely manner, effectively coordinated epidemic prevention materials, and made every effort to meet the needs of Hong Kong's epidemic prevention and control. Enterprises from the Yangtze River Delta region have become a new force in supplying materials. Among them, Lionser's products, as important protective and disinfection materials for the front-line anti-epidemic, have received production and dispatch tasks. At the moment, all their staff are working overtime in production, striving to complete the production and transportation tasks of 12.53 million packs of Jielijia disinfectant wipes and 1.03 million bottles of Baineng hand sanitizer before March 20, to help Hong Kong in the prevention and control of the epidemic. Lionser does its best to contribute to Hong Kong's victory over the epidemic.


The picture shows that products from Lionser have been loaded and ready to go.

Lionser Medical Disinfectant Co., Ltd. is a leading enterprise in the disinfection and infection control industry. It is also a designated reserve unit of strategic materials for disinfection products of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and a designated reserve unit of strategic materials for disinfection products of Zhejiang Provincial Economic and Information Commission. At the beginning of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, they consciously obeyed the dispatch and arrangement of the medical material support team of the joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council, actively cooperated with the needs of the war epidemic, did a good job in ensuring the supply of hand sanitizers, and continued to supply hand sanitizers to Hubei and surrounding provinces Disinfectant, in the process of ensuring the supply of disinfection supplies, has contributed its due strength to the prevention and control of the epidemic, and has been fully affirmed and commended by the State Council's joint prevention and control mechanism.

Just before that, Lionser Medical Disinfectant Co., Ltd. stood out from 165 companies with reliable product quality in the public bidding and procurement of health and epidemic prevention materials in the Zhangjiakou competition area of the Beijing Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympics, and was successfully selected for the Beijing Winter Olympics Sanitary and epidemic prevention material suppliers. Against the background of the global epidemic of the new crown epidemic, scientifically and effectively blocking the chain of virus transmission, and comprehensively preventing and controlling the epidemic are the top priorities in the preparations for the Winter Olympics. Through competition, the company obtained the opportunity to supply 950,000 bottles of "Baineng Series Hand Sanitizer" for the Zhangjiakou and Chongli competition areas of the Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympic Games by virtue of high-quality products and large-scale production capacity, and worked together to build a protective barrier. Escorting the wonderful Winter Olympics together has achieved a double harvest of corporate production and social benefits.


In fact, as early as the beginning of the epidemic, Lionser has provoked the heavy burden of an enterprise in the health field. While responding hastily, it has firmly shouldered more social responsibilities.

The epidemic has just emerged, and the Spring Festival holiday in 2020 has been postponed repeatedly. Many enterprises were forced to suspend work and production, but Lionser has been full of shifts and operating at full capacity since before the Spring Festival. From corporate executives, to R&D and sales teams, to ordinary employees in front of the assembly line, they are struggling every day.

In the early morning of February 22, a box truck full of supplies left the Jiande factory, aiming at the anti-epidemic expedition sites of five hospitals in Hangzhou. The donated materials made up of disinfectant towels are equipped on every front-line medical staff of the Hubei medical team, and become their "bulletproof vests" for saving lives and healing the wounded and isolating the virus. At the forefront of the battlefield, every soldier in white who is fighting maintains a strong combat effectiveness.



The picture shows the handover of materials delivered to the Hangzhou Medical Team for Hubei on February 22, 2020.

As a professional manufacturer of disinfection products designated by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Economic and Information Commission of Zhejiang Province, Lionser, which produces this invisible "protective gear", worked non-stop from New Year's Eve to the Lantern Festival. On the day of loading and departure, the production line of the "arsenal" of Lionser has not stopped running.

While ensuring the front-line supply in Wuhan, Lionser also actively donated anti-epidemic materials with large clinical demand and urgent needs to the medical teams of hospitals in various places in Hubei, and at the same time drove surrounding enterprises to initiate donations to 13 hospitals in Hangzhou and Shanghai.

At noon, just 12 days after the white-clothed soldiers equipped with "bullet-proof vests", a Cessna fixed-wing aircraft carrying the third batch of anti-epidemic supplies landed steadily at Wuhan Tianhe International Airport. Return to Zhejiang immediately after the delivery of the goods. The plane transported medical emergency supplies such as Baineng quick-drying hand disinfection gel and Jielijia disinfection wipes provided by Langso Disinfection.


The picture shows the front line of fast delivery of Lionser products.

After the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, Lionser urgently arranged production to ensure the speed of dispatching 2,000 pieces (24 tons) of quick-drying hand disinfection gel to the front-line hospitals in Wuhan every week, and fully supplied the front-line medical workers of major medical institutions in the epidemic area.Fight against the new crown pneumonia epidemic.

"A friend in need is a friend indeed, and it is a responsibility to fight against the epidemic." Not only did it make every effort to develop and produce anti-epidemic materials, but Lonsel Medical Disinfection Group also donated anti-epidemic materials to Wuhan epidemic areas and major medical institutions across the country in a timely manner. The total amount of donated materials exceeded 10 million Yuan, showing a company's social responsibility. It has been commended by the State Council's Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism Medical Material Support Group and the Zhejiang Provincial Leading Group for the Prevention and Control of New Coronavirus Pneumonia. At the same time, it was also honored as "Outstanding Contribution Unit of Zhejiang Disinfection Industry to Fight the New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic" and "Advanced Unit of Disinfection Standardization in Zhejiang Province".

That is to say, in the process of catching up with production and supply, although the company is responding in a state of running, it has also forged a management team and a talent team invisibly. It is becoming more precise, R&D is becoming more and more advanced, and production capacity is constantly accumulating, forming a "group army" that is more sensitive to the situation, more proactive in adapting to the market, and more precisely adjusting production capacity. The team's overall awareness, responsibility awareness, market awareness and action awareness have been fully tempered and forged, their vision has become wider and wider, and production execution has become faster and faster.


The picture shows that Lionser products are being loaded.

With the rolling accumulation of more than ten R&D and production cycles, Lionser has grown into a leading company in the entire industry. Brand quality and social responsibility have become a powerful propeller for the development of the company, which also contributed to its success in the Winter Olympics and Paralympics. Product suppliers, laid a solid foundation.

It is reported that in order to further improve the quality, Lonso Medical Disinfectant Co., Ltd. has set up new product research and development centers in Hangzhou and Shanghai respectively, bringing together dozens of high-tech R&D personnel to develop disinfection and prevention materials, and timely expand production capacity, output and inventory. Sufficient material reserves should be provided to provide more technical and production support for epidemic prevention and control, and ensure that the production and transportation of epidemic prevention materials are foolproof.


The picture shows the third batch of supplies delivered to Wuhan on March 5, 2020.

A powerful enterprise must be the same as a powerful army, able to deal with multiple wars above a large scale at the same time. In the venues of the just-concluded Winter Olympics and the ongoing Winter Paralympics, Lonzo is still undertaking related support tasks. The epidemic in Hong Kong has intensified this time, and Lonzo once again shouldered the burden of epidemic prevention and control. After experiencing the training and growth during the entire epidemic period, the entire team has become more mature and calm. We saw at the corporate headquarters that relevant production scheduling and transportation plans have been implemented one by one, and the docking and coordination are orderly. In the R&D center, new products are being added gradually, and the usage data of some products in the market are being analyzed and sorted out, and then fed back to the development and production process of new products. In the production workshop, according to the production needs and the characteristics of the team, the workers are reasonably divided and fight continuously to ensure that the production capacity reaches the maximum peak.


The picture shows that the leaders of Jiande City went deep into the enterprise to visit and condolences, to relieve difficulties and solve difficulties.

At the same time, in order to help enterprises solve production difficulties, the local government of Jiande, Hangzhou also went to the workshop team one day before the Spring Festival to visit and condolences to front-line employees, dispatched liaison specialists, and coordinated the formulation of production and transportation plans. The government and enterprises worked together to complete various supply guarantee tasks. Let's win the battle of epidemic prevention and control together.

On the front line of production, the person in charge of the company told us that being selected as the "Supplier of Sanitation and Epidemic Prevention Materials for the Beijing Winter Olympics" is an affirmation of the quality of Lionser's disinfection products, and the aid to Hong Kong is a testament to Lionser's long-term commitment to corporate social responsibility. The affirmation of the contribution is made by bravely shouldering the burden of epidemic prevention and control. The company is currently organizing production in accordance with the overall requirements, and is doing its best to continuously release more Lonzo power for the prevention and control of the epidemic.


The picture shows the production line of the Lionser Disinfectant Workshop.

Under the epidemic, society will continue to change, and the world will eventually return to prosperity. And on this journey of return and progress, Lionser has never stopped, and Lionser has been forging ahead!







The picture shows Lionser Assistance to prevent the epidemic after the flood in Henan.

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