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Types and Purchasing Tips for Hand Sanitizer

What are the main types of hand sanitizers? What should I pay attention to when you buy wholesale hand sanitizer and use it? Here comes the usage guide of hand sanitizer. Let's take a look at it together!

Ⅰ. The hand sanitizers types can be generally divided into the following categories according to the form of use and product characteristics:

1. Ordinary hand sanitizer

It mainly plays the role of cleaning and decontamination, but does not claim to have bactericidal or bacteriostatic effects. The current standards of hand washing products mainly include: GB/T 34855-2017 "Hand Sanitizer", QB/T 2654-2013 "Hand Sanitizer".

2. Special hand sanitizer

It is also known as antibacterial (bacteriostatic) hand sanitizer. In addition to surfactants, antibacterial or bacteriostatic ingredients are also added to the formula. In addition to decontamination and cleaning, it can also achieve the effect of killing bacteria or inhibiting the growth of bacteria. The current product standards mainly include: GB19877.1-2005 "Special Hand Sanitizer".

3. General hand sanitizer rinse free

There is no need to wash after use, and the rinse free hand sanitizer generally implements corporate standards.

4. Rinse-free hand disinfectant

It means that active ingredients and skin care ingredients are added to hand washing products, and there is no need to wash with water after using the products to kill pathogenic bacteria on the hands. Since it is a hand sanitizer product, the product should comply with GB27950-2011 "Hygiene Requirements for Hand Sanitizers".

Ⅱ. Precautions for the use of hand washing products

1. Remember to wash your hands before meals, after using the toilet, after going out and back home, after touching garbage and animals. When washing your hands, pay attention to washing with running water and hand sanitizer, and rub for no less than 20 seconds.

2. Under normal circumstances, ordinary hand sanitizers and antibacterial alcohol hand gel 500ml can already meet the daily cleaning needs of ordinary citizens.

3. It is not recommended to use rinse-free hand sanitizer as a routine hand cleaning method, and try to use it only when there is no water.

4. In some public places, in order to save costs, the hand sanitizer will be diluted for use, which will greatly reduce both the sterilization ability and the cleaning ability, so do not dilute the hand sanitizer.

Ⅲ. Common sense when purchasing hand washing products

It can be selected according to the purpose of use. According to the degree of effect on microorganisms, from weak to strong, the products are classified into cleaning, bacteriostasis, sterilization and disinfection. When we choose a hand sanitizer with the words like "bacteriostatic", "sterilization" and "disinfection" on the label, we must clearly see the hygiene license number of disinfection products on the product label, which is marked as "Health and Consumer Certificate XXX". This type of hand sanitizer needs to be filed for the sanitation and safety evaluation of disinfection products, and production and sales are allowed only after obtaining a sanitation license.

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