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Use and Precautions of Wash Free Hand Sanitizerand

How to use wash free hand sanitizer? What should be noticed?

Ⅰ. Use steps of wash free hand sanitizer

Step 1: Take an appropriate amount of wash free hand sanitizer on the palm, facing each other with fingers together, and rub each other;

Step 2: Cover the back of the palm with the palm of the hand and rub each other along the finger joints, and the change the hands to repeat;

The third step: palms facing each other, cross fingers between hands and rub each other;

Step 4: Interlock your fingers and rub each other;

Step 5: Hold the thumb in one hand and rotate and knead the other hand, and the change the hands to repeat;

Step 6: Put the tips of the five fingers together in the palm of the other hand, rotate and rub, and the change the hands to repeat;

Step 7: Spiral scrubbing of wrists and arms;

Ⅱ. Precautions for use of wash free hand sanitizer

1. Fire prevention

The fire department once reminded that when using any alcohol-containing items, be sure to stay away from the fire source to prevent fire. Someone used ordinary hand sanitizer and alcohol-based wash free hand sanitizer to conduct an ignition experiment. As a result, a flame suddenly appeared on the hand sanitizer. Therefore, the 75 alcohol-based hand sanitizer should be kept in a cool place daily, not in a place with high temperature and exposure to the sun. Remember to keep away from fire when using.

2. Avoid accidental ingestion

Children may swallow hand sanitizers that are scented, brightly colored, and well-packaged. The hygiene hand sanitizer should be stored out of the reach of children and should be used under adult supervision.

3. Use with caution for people with skin allergies

Some people are allergic to benzalkonium chloride, which can cause skin allergies and contact dermatitis after use. Some people are allergic to alcohol, which can cause dry skin, itching, and eczema, allergic dermatitis. Therefore, people who are prone to allergies should use hand sanitizer carefully.

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