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Use of ​Effervescent Disinfectant Tablets

Effervescent disinfectant tablets are easy to carry and use, widely used in all aspects of disinfection. These disinfecting effervescent tablets can disinfect many kinds of bacteria, such as grasped aureus and pathogenic entero becteria. It is widely used in families and public places, and its use methods are as follows.

Ⅰ. Effervescent disinfectant tablets

The main component of effervescent disinfectant tablets is chlorine, which has the characteristics of continuous sterilization and disinfection. Chlorine can quickly kill all kinds of bacteria in the water, prevent excessive bacteria and green water in swimming pool water. The drug effect is stable and lasts for a long time. Bactericidal ability is 40-80 times stronger than ordinary medicament with less dosage and accurate measurement. It is easy to use and has good solubility, stable properties. But it is not easy to volatilize. Using it every year can reduce the frequency of water change to greatly reduce the cost of water.

Solubility of swimming pool disinfecting effervescent tablets is better than that of swimming pool disinfection powder. It can be directly put into the pool and dissolved rapidly in the bottom. Chlorine can rapidly and evenly spread to the entire pool water and quickly improve the residual chlorine in pool water.It is suitable for replenishing residual chlorine before opening and is especially suitable for use in pools without recycling equipment. The PH value of the swimming pool disinfection tablet is close to neutral, so it has little influence on the PH value of swimming pool water when used.

Ⅱ. The use of effervescent disinfectant tablets

1. Disinfection products manufacturers suggest that effervescent disinfectant tablets need to be mixed with water for use, and it had better use plastic basin. Do not contact metal objects, because it will corrode them. Wear rubber gloves when using. Do not directly contact hands, you should ensure that the environment is ventilated when using, and do not use in a closed environment.

2. When using the effervescent disinfectant tablet to wipe the surface of the object, the proportion of a piece of effervescent tablet should be put in accordance with 4 kg of water. It can be used for cleaning in public places and wiping the ground.

3. It can also be used for disinfection of tableware, toys and contact objects. After soaking and wiping, be sure to rinse clean with water.

4. The disinfecting effervescent tablets can be used for clothing disinfection. Mix one piece with two litres of water and soak for 15 minutes. But effervescent tablets have bleaching effect, so it is not suitable for colored clothes.

5. A piece of effervescent disinfectant tablet can be mixed with 1000 ml water. It is used as environment disinfectant. Disinfection can be used for public environment, toilet disinfection.

6. Effervescent disinfectant tablets can also be used for drinking water disinfection, and the proportion of use is 2 to 5 pieces of a ton of water. Tap water must be boiled before drinking, which is conducive to the evaporation of chlorine gas.

7. Effervescent disinfectant tablets can be used for the disinfection of swimming pools and aquaculture, and the proportion of use 1 mu of pond to 2-5 pieces. Effervescent tablets should be dissolved in water first, and then poured into them. The effect is better at night.

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