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Types of Environmental Disinfectants For Environmental Surface Disinfection

Effective Chlorine Environment Disinfectant

What is An Effective Chlorine Disinfectant?

There is a word "chlorine" in the name of of the disinfectant does not mean that it is an effective chlorine disinfectant! The effective chlorine disinfectant actually refers to an environmental disinfectant that is dissolveed in the water and contains sodium hypochlorite to disinfect. It can destroy a variety of microbial species, including bacterial propagules, pathogens, bacteria, tuberculosis, and germ spores which has the strongest resistance. The working principle of chlorine disinfectant is its strong oxidative properties, which will cause the microbial strains to be oxidized, and finally lose their functions, and cannot reproduce or infect the host.

How to Buy the Right Effective Chlorine Disinfectant? 

You can look at its ingredients if the key ingredient of the environmental disinfectant product is sodium hypochlorite or the effective chlorine content. Common commercial products on the market are 84 disinfectants, bleach, bleach, etc. This is also a highly recommended disinfectants for home environment disinfection, High safety and efficiency. Lionser medical disinfectant is a bulk surface sanitizer supplier. We offer wholesale sanitizer all surface disinfectant including disinfectant spray, wipes, tablets at very competitive prices. Welcome to request a quote to us!

Peracetic Acid Environmental Disinfectant

What is Peracetic Acid Disinfectant?

Peracetic acid is a high-efficiency chloroprene-based environmental disinfectant with an obvious irritating odor. It's easy to volatilize, has unstable characteristics, and easy to dissolve. It has a strong ability to remove bacteria, which can eliminate bacterial propagules, bacteria, pathogens, mycobacteria, bacterial spores, etc.

How Should Peracetic Acid Be Used?

Peracetic acid is suitable for disinfection and sterilization of natural environment, non-metallic materials, surface layers of objects, tableware, vegetables and fruits, indoor air quality, medical machinery, etc., and can also be used to disinfect the skin. Peracetic acid on the market is a peracetic acid solution with a thickening agent, and the concentration value is generally 20%, and the dilution before disinfection reaches the application concentration value.

Phenolic Compound Environmental Disinfectant

Phenols disinfectant can quickly destroy bacteria at higher concentrations. While at lower concentrations, they can also cause bacterial death. Formic acid, cresol aqueous solution, hexachlorophenol, p-chlorometa-xylenol, trichloromethyl diphenyl ether, etc. are all belong to phenols disinfectant. It has been widely used in clinical medicine and peacetime disinfection. This is also common surface guard disinfectants in daily life.

Other Environmental Disinfectants

Other disinfectants generally contain iodine. These disinfectants including iodophor disinfectant or and iodine tincture can destroy all kinds of bacterial propagules, bacteria, some pathogens, and mycobacteria, except bacterial spores. It is a medium-efficiency disinfectant. The common concentration of iodine tincture is 2%, and the application concentration of povidone-iodine is 0.3% to 0.5%. It is mostly used for the disinfection of skin and mucous membranes, and it is not suitable for furniture disinfection. Because iodine-containing disinfectants are also not suitable for large-scale arm and leg disinfection and are not suitable for environmental disinfection, they are not strongly recommended for disinfecting the Covid-19. If you want to have alcohol wipes bulk buy for daily disinfecting the Covid-19, click to view this alcohol based cleaning wipes.

Notes of Using Environmental Disinfectants

In general, environmental disinfectants themselves are chemicals with certain risk factors. The composition of various disinfectants and the working principles of disinfection are different. Therefore, their applications and notes are also different. Consumers should not follow the trend to buy environmental disinfectants just becasue of the word "disinfectants", and please be sure to use with caution.

What's more, the mixing of different disinfectants with different ingredients may also likely to produce chemical changes that are harmful to the body. Customers should purchase environmental disinfectants according to their actual application requirements, and pay attention to effective storage methods, so as to ensure safe use and environmentally friendly disinfection.

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