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What is the Difference Between the Rinse Free Hand Sanitizer and the Rinse Free Gel?

During the epidemic, all kinds of disinfection products have become very popular, such as alcohol, 84 disinfectant, and the must-have item to go out with- rinse free hand sanitizer. Therefore, what are the things we don't know about rinse free hand sanitizer and rinse free gel?

There are some basic knowledge about rinse free hand sanitizer and rinse free gel!

1. The principle of rinse free hand sanitizer

Perhaps the principle of rinse free hand sanitizer is very simple, and everyone can understand it in a short time, because this rinse free hand sanitizer is added with some amino acids, which is like that you're giving your skin a layer of care when you wash your hands. As a result, there is no need to wash with water, and it will not cause the skin to feel greasy and you can feel the uniformity of water and oil. Each pore can be kept clear, and after using a rinse free hand sanitizer, you can also come into contact with other foods and will not suffer from poisoning. The composition of rinse free hand sanitizer is relatively pure.

2. What is the difference between the rinse free hand sanitizer and the rinse free gel

The rinse free hand sanitizer and the rinse free gel both are hand washing products. There is no difference between a rinse free hand sanitizer and a rinse free gel. In fact, rinse free hand sanitizer is a rinse free sanitizing gel. Both contain the same ingredients. They are mainly composed of triclosan, ethanol, and skin care agents. They are generally transparent and can be used without washing hands with water to kill pathogenic bacteria on the hands. They share the same use method and effect.

3. Which one is better, the rinse free hand sanitizer or the rinse free gel

Rinse free sanitizing gel is better. Without water, soap or towel, it can quickly clean your hands anytime and anywhere. After squeezing out the gel, rub your hands directly until your hands are dry. When you rub your hands, the gel will evaporate, and the hands are dry and not sticky after use. When it is first applied to the hands, there will be a faint smell of alcohol. After you are rubbing it for a while, there is basically no smell. Moreover, considering the harmfulness of frequent hand washing, the plant formula moisturizing factor and glycerin are added to the gel to protect the skin. After washing your hands, your hands will not feel dry. Although the rinse free hand sanitizer is convenient to carry, the effect of sterilization, disinfection and decontamination are not as good as that of the rinse free sanitizing gel.

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