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What Will Affect the Choice of Surface Sanitizer

Ⅰ. Rapid sterilization and continuous moisturizing of surfaces disinfectant

The premise of effective killing of microorganisms by surfaces disinfectant is to ensure sufficient contact time between surface disinfectant and microorganisms. This is called the sterilization time. The time is important, because surface sanitizer suppliers should let the user know that pathogenic microorganisms on the surface have been completely killed before the disinfectant solution dries up and before the patient or HCWs using the surface.

For an ideal surface disinfectant, the moisturizing time should provide a contact time greater than or equal to the killing time, that is, before the disinfectant solution dries up, the pathogenic microorganisms on the surface have been completely wiped out.

Ⅱ. The reduction of surfaces disinfectant on the amount of bacteria initially contaminated by numerical reaction

When we read the microbiological test reports of surfaces disinfectants, we should also pay attention to another concept, that is, the killing log (log10), or falling log. This is the concept used in microbiology laboratory. Usually, when we carry out microbial killing experiments of surface disinfectants such as using surface disinfectant tablets, we need to have an "initial contamination bacteria" according to international conventions, that is, artificially add 10 to the power of 5 to 10 to the power of 7 bacteria. This gives surface sanitizer its claimed ability to reduce its logarithm by five or even seven.

Imagine if there were only 10 bacteria to kill and you killed them all, could you still render your effectiveness by reducing the n-pair value? The log of microbial reduction is never negative.

Therefore, in a sense, the log value that determines the killing of microorganisms by surfaces disinfectants is based on the number of bacteria initially contaminated. We should not be fooled by the notion that surface disinfectants can kill n pairs of microorganisms. For the manufacturers of surface disinfectants, it is necessary to prolong the moisturizing time of surface disinfectants for environmental surface disinfectants.

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