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Congratulate Lionser on Winning the Bidding of Beijing Winter Olympics

Congratulate Lionser on winning the bidding of Projects for the procurement of sanitary and epidemic prevention supplies in Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter and Paralympic Games! Lionser has supplied 950,000 bottles of Baineng series of hand sanitizers for competition divisions (Zhangjiakou competition division, Chongli competition division)!

Winning the bid for the Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympic Games' sanitation and epidemic prevention procurement projects is an affirmation of Lionser's disinfection products, and it is a great encouragement to Lionser's staff for 30 years of exploration and unremitting efforts in the cause of disinfection and control!


As a leading company in the disinfection and sensory control industry, a designated reserve unit for disinfection product strategic materials by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and a designated reserve unit for disinfection product strategic materials by the Zhejiang Economic and Information Commission, Lionser has always adhered to the corporate mission of "for life and care for health" and continues to guard citizens' health, create a clean and green safe environment.


Lionser has been actively practicing a high degree of social responsibility. Especially at the beginning of the COVID-19 since 2019, we have consciously obeyed the scheduling arrangements of the medical supplies guarantee a team of the State Council's joint prevention and control mechanism for the COVID-19, and actively cooperated with the state to ensure the supply of free hand sanitizer. Lionser continues to supply hand sanitizers to Hubei and surrounding provinces. In the process of supplying the disinfection products, Lionser always contributed to the prevention and control of the epidemic, which has been affirmed by the country highly.

This time, Lionser will use this as a driving force to make persistent efforts and forge ahead on the road of struggle and exploration in the disinfection industry!


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