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Lionser Fully Protects The Supply Of Epidemic Prevention Materials In Hong Kong

The epidemic in Hong Kong is touching people's hearts! The first batch of disinfection supplies for Hong Kong have arrived on March 11, helping to build a barrier against the epidemic in Hong Kong at this critical moment!


Acceptance unit: Hong Kong Government Logistics Department

Supply unit: Lionser Medical Disinfectant Co., Ltd.

Product list: 500ML Bainan hand-free disinfectant type II.

Quantity: 4800 boxes/115200 bottles.

Date of receipt: March 11, 2022

Lionser's staff accelerates to help Hong Kong fight the epidemic


Since the beginning of March, the factory of Lionser's disinfection production base in Jiande, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, has been busy. All the staff are rushing to produce disinfection materials.

From the headquarters to the production scheduling, production workshops and quality inspection departments, all staffs are activated to ensure rapid production, inspection and delivery, without reducing the process and ensuring quality. At the same time,  our company also contacted functional departments such as customs and market supervision to ensure the demand for warfare epidemic would not be affected by production capacity factors and circulation links, and timely transfer of supplies to Hong Kong.

The first batch of epidemic prevention supplies arrived in Hong Kong, scrambling to build a barrier together


Time and speed are reliable guarantees for victory over the epidemic.

Finally, with the "acceleration" of all staff and full support from all parties, the first batch of Lionser disinfection products was successfully dispatched from Jiande factory on the night of March 3 and arrived in Hong Kong on March 11, contributing Lionser's strength to Hong Kong's victory over the epidemic and helping local citizens to build a barrier against the epidemic!

The aid creates a "new speed", all the supplies are expected to be delivered ahead of schedule.


Full Sprint! 16 days ahead of schedule!

In order to guarantee the production of the epidemic supplies for Hong Kong, Lr has decided to concentrate its efforts and mobilize all staff to dispatch all production workshops and production lines, and to compete with each other with full horsepower to continuously expand production capacity. According to the current production speed, all the supplies will be sent out in the middle of March, which is 16 days earlier than the initial time.

Lanso will gather all staff in preventing and fighting against the epidemic, and will work with our compatriots in Hong Kong to meet the challenges and overcome the difficulties together.

Supports Hong Kong and fights the epidemic ! We wish Hong Kong to overcome the plague soon!

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